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22 Jan 2024

KEKS On camera light meter

Capix Stand: D401
  • KEKS On camera light meter
  • KEKS On camera light meter
KEKS On camera light meter KEKS On camera light meter

Longer battery life

The KM02 boasts a 500mA battery that offers 10% more battery life than its predecessor. This allows the user to operate continuously for up to 21 hours.

Improved Accuracy

The KM02 uses a VEML7700 high accuracy ambient light 16-bit digital resolution sensor. The upgraded software ensures higher accuracy and better reliability, guaranteeing a more accurate reading. Moreover, this combined with a 50mm lens view, ensures a good balance between average and selective metering.   

Applicable to more cameras

The KM02 comes with three different sizes aluminium shoe mounts and 5 different shoe mount positions. This level of versatility allows the user to mount the light-meter with a bias to the right or to the left. This, in turn, allows the KM02 to be fitted onto any camera with ease.

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