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Badger Unleashed

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  • Badger Unleashed
  • Badger Unleashed
  • Badger Unleashed
Badger Unleashed Badger Unleashed Badger Unleashed

The Honey Badger lights are powerful and versatile and the Badger unleashed boasts a battery-powered, 250Ws strobe and HSS/TTL capabilities to become the flash head you’ll always want on your side. It also includes a 2900mAh battery, so that you can be completely untethered during your next photo session.

  • Speed: Super sharp images with HSS up to 1/8000th and with only a 1.5 second full power recycle it can keep up with anything.
  • Power: 250w over a 9 stop range gives absolute control.
  • Functionality: Full TTL compatibility, and can be controlled from up to 90m with multi-functional remote.
  • Portability: Fully battery powered, with up to 430 full power flashes from a single charge. S type modifier mount giving countless light shaping options.
  • Compact: Weighing only 2.3 kg and only 15cm wide it can be used in any situation

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