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Stick or switch?

19 Mar 2024
EOS (Stand N201)
EOS Academy

The rapid emergence and expansion of Canon’s EOS R mirrorless system has left DSLR users in its wake. That’s because it’s brought compatibility confusion as well as doubts
over the true benefits of making the transition, in what feels like a seismic shift in terms of gear. Reminiscent, in fact, of the polarising film vs. digital debate at the turn of the

So, should you stick with your DSLR, or switch to mirrorless? You’ll learn more about the latest technology and some of the key camera features which have emerged with the EOS
R-series, and we’ll explain the compatibility of lenses and accessories across the EOS ecosystem. This quick snapshot will enable you to make an informed choice about your
next steps if you’re thinking of upgrading.

Nina Bailey, Author, Photographer, Canon Specialist Tutor - EOS Magazine

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