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Interested in speaking at, or putting speakers forward for the show?

Our call for speakers is now closed. Please contact if you wish to discuss speaking opportunities

Important information for anyone who has submitted ideas:

  • Speaking opportunities are not guaranteed and will be selected based on content and relevance
  • We prefer to host original content, so please be original in your approach!
  • We can't accept sales pitches. If you'd like to demo a product, contact
  • Exhibitors putting forward speakers are responsible for their fees and expenses
  • If your submission fits with our programme, we will aim to be in contact with you by mid-September


About the programmes

For more info about the programmes, click on the stage or theatre names below. This year at the show, we want our visitors to think about pushing the boundaries; and we want our speakers to do the same!

Feature stage (all disciplines)

Taking shape in our plans is our versatile NEW feature stage, an area perfect for live demos and displays of all kinds which draw in the crowds. For more info about speaking on this big-impact stage, contact

Analogue Spotlight (Photo)

This intimate stage offers insight into the creative techniques and stories behind images and video using an analogue approach. Sessions discuss interesting projects and demonstrations.

Free to attend.

Submission ideas: 

  • Beginners intro to analogue 

  • Darkroom printing 

  • Creative techniques

  • Incorporating film into a digital world

Behind the Lens (Photo)

An opportunity to offer insight into the techniques and stories behind images across various genres of photography - particularly those that can’t be demonstrated live. Also suited to discussing interesting projects, panel sessions, and business and marketing talks.

Free to attend. 

Submission ideas:

  • Wildlife, landscape, travel

  • Video & stills skills crossover

  • Sports

  • Night photography

  • Photography projects

  • Using social media for business & marketing

  • Creativity

  • Finding your wedding photography style

Creator Stage (Combined photo and video)

This programme is dedicated to online content creation - YouTube, Instagram, TikTok and more. Aimed at existing and budding creators, as well as photo and video pros looking to boost their business via social channels, this stage is ideal for talks on everything from online community building to getting started in vlogging, being authentic on instagram, and digging into analytics.

Free to attend. 

Submission ideas:

  • Using vlogging cameras

  • Mental health in an online world

  • The business of YouTube/Instagram/Tiktok

  • Streaming

  • Monetising your content

  • Curating your feed

  • Being an authentic creator

  • Workflow for creators

  • YouTube kit essentials

  • Conquering the insta algorithms 

  • Interacting with your audience

  • Building social communities

Editing & Post-Production (Combined photo and video)

Seminars covering post-production techniques and workflow for photography and video across various editing software solutions. 50% photo, 50% video content.

Free to attend classes.

Submission ideas:

  • Streamlining your image editing

  • Editing on-the-go

  • Software-specific sessions

  • Editing for style and consistency

  • Introduction to video editing

  • Techniques for audio editing

  • Stop motion

  • Printing workflow

Photo Live (Photo)

Best suited to live action and practical demos, this stage is ideal for showing first-hand how to tackle various shoots, and giving advice and tips on areas such as working with models, lighting, capturing movement. Performers are a great way to add excitement to this stage. 

Free to attend. 

Demo submission ideas:

  • Freezing movement (could use an acrobat, dancer, sports person etc)
  • Creative fashion shoots
  • Sports photography essentials
  • Street photography 
  • Wedding portraits & posing
  • Capturing music performances
  • Lighting techniques
  • Integrating video into your workflow

You will need to provide the performer/model and pro photographer for your session.

Photography Beginners' Masterclass (Photo)

Tailored to those at those just starting out in photography, covering the basics of technique, theory and kit.

This is a half-day programme repeated on Saturday and Sunday; visitors are charged a small fee for this stream.

Submission ideas:

  • Choosing your equipment
  • Finding your creativity
  • Technique advice
  • Exposure & composition
  • Essentials for becoming a photographer
  • Editing for beginners

Photography & Video Pro Masterclass (Combined photo and video)

A stream specifically for photo and video professionals, focusing on aspects of business and marketing, as well as ideas to stimulate creativity.

Day 1: Business for creatives

Submission ideas:

  • Pitching for business

  • Working with brands

  • Boosting your sales

  • Marketing yourself

  • Pricing your services & knowing your value

  • Promoting on social media

  • Copyright & IP

  • Top tax tips

Day 2: Creativity for business

This morning’s programme may include breakout sessions specific to photo or video pros if appropriate

Submission ideas:

  • Standing out from the crowd

  • Finding (and keeping) your creative mojo

  • Collaborating with peers

  • Inspirational sessions


This programme takes place on Monday and Tuesday mornings, visitors are charged a small fee for this stream.

Student workshops and masterclasses (Combined photo and video)

We'd like to put on some sessions specific to students and their progression over the four days. If you have any ideas around what might be useful, both for degree and college level, please get in touch with

The Studio (Video)

A theatre for all things moving image, this programme is designed to offer insight into producing engaging content, storytelling and creating projects using different video and filmmaking techniques. 

Free to attend. 

Submission ideas:

  • Video production basics

  • Successful commercial & corporate video

  • Wildlife and nature filmmaking

  • Creative wedding videography

  • Getting your videos seen

  • Mobile storytelling

  • Aerial filmmaking with drones

  • Music video production

  • Directing actors and models

Turning Pro Masterclass (Photo)

Turning Pro is aimed at those who are practising a high-level of photography and considering going pro. Takes place on Saturday and Sunday mornings (repeated). 

This is a half-day programme repeated on Saturday and Sunday; visitors are charged a small fee for this stream.

Submission ideas:

  • Running a business - what do you need to know?

  • Specialise or diversify? 

  • The realities of going pro - tips for survival

  • Getting commercial work

Video Beginners' Masterclass (Video)

This programme goes over the essentials for those just starting out with video. 

This is a half-day programme repeated on Saturday and Sunday; visitors are charged a small fee for this stream.

Submission ideas:

  • Choosing your kit
  • Camera settings de-mystified
  • Composing your shots
  • Getting started with editing