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4*5.65 Mist soft

Lipa Filters Stand: N601

White Mist Soft Filter can create a romantic atmosphere, reduce the value of the highlights while noticeably lowering the overall contrast

When shooting character, it can soften facial wrinkles and flaws, and play a beautifying effect.

Make the picture more beautiful.

When shooting the starry sky, you can expand the light spot area of the stars and make the night sky more dreamy and mysterious.

When shooting scenery, you can reduce the sharpness of the picture to make it softer and more comfortable.

White Mist Soft provide little loss of detail across the image.


White Mist Soft Filter is a common filter.

It is often used to photograph character, scenery, starry sky, etc.

Reduces Highlights and Lowers Contrast

Softens Wrinkles and Blemishes

Creates a Soft Quality of Light

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