Craig Jones

Craig Jones is a professional wildlife and conservation photographer and experienced expedition and workshop leader, who runs his own photo tours and expeditions to many places throughout the UK and around the world. He has been a finalist twice in the Veolia Environment Wildlife Photographer of the Year, and a finalist in the GDT European Wildlife photographer of the year. An Ex-Soldier, expert in fieldcraft and tracking skills, who has always found peace within nature, he brings all those skills together to produce images by placing a frame around something he’s seen to show others the beauty of the natural world. Each photograph represents an event that occurred in the wild  - something he has witnessed and recorded with his camera. Craig’s skill lies in interpreting and presenting this in a way that invokes beauty, mood and emotion with each moment captured.

Craig is committed to helping wildlife and conservation and driven to document this through the medium of photography. He tries to show not only the beauty of the natural world but also the suffering within that world hopes to give all those animals a true and meaningful voice. Even though he has to walk away from them, he wants his images to be a visual remember that they were never forgotten, and their plight wasn't ignored.  

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  • 19 Mar 2019
    11:30 - 12:00

    Entrusted into our care